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Meet Michael: Edge Networks Welcomes a New CISO

At Edge, our journey since 2006 has been about more than just growth—it’s been about innovation, trust, and above all, simplified cybersecurity. Our mission has been clear: to enhance our customers’ business resiliency through simplified cybersecurity. This solution-driven approach has not only driven our growth but has also forged strong relationships with our clients rooted in trust and reliability. 

We are thrilled to share that we’re taking our commitment to enhanced business resiliency a step further by welcoming our new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Michael Weaver. He brings a dynamic blend of expertise, vision, and a track record of skillfully tackling cybersecurity challenges.

Let’s dive into our conversation with Michael and discover his insights and aspirations for Edge:



Get to Know Michael:

When you’re not at work, how do you enjoy spending your time?  

Hiking, axe throwing, camping, concerts, art galleries, museums, comedy shows, motorcycle riding, kayaking, DIY home improvements, reading, and traveling.  

What’s your favorite movie or book, and why?  

Groundhog Day. “This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather.”  


What are two truths and a lie about you?  

  • I’ve completed two half-marathons and numerous 10k runs.  
  • Out of the 11 certification exams I’ve taken the only one I didn’t pass on the first try was the CompTIA A+.  
  • The first time I flew in a plane I jumped out of it.  


Who has been a significant influence in your career?  

A life-long friend I met at my first tech job. He has been an excellent mentor and supportive friend through the years.


What recent cybersecurity trend or innovation has captured your interest, and why?  

 The double-edged sword that is AI. It is a wonderful tool and possibly more, but it also introduces many security challenges. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.   


In your opinion, what’s an overrated cybersecurity measure that people put too much faith in? Why?  

Encryption and MFA. They are essential measures to include, but they are often misunderstood. Not all implementations are correctly designed. Many factors must be considered for encryption and MFA to be fully effective.  


Conversely, what cybersecurity aspect do you believe is severely underrated or overlooked?  

Limiting access and privileges to only what is needed aka, “the principle of least privilege.” It takes work and expertise to implement well, but it can significantly reduce cyber-related risks. People can be just as effective and productive if the principle of least privilege is correctly applied. Zero trust technology has helped to enhance and facilitate this practice without impeding business operations.  


What’s on your professional bucket list, specifically related to cybersecurity goals or achievements?  

I want to help move the industry in the right direction. I’ve talked to too many business leaders who think of security incidents and breaches as natural disasters. I want to change the mindset from “I hope it doesn’t happen to us” to “We are confident that we have protected ourselves and are prepared if the cyber storm hits us.”  


If you could enhance your cybersecurity skills overnight in one area, what would it be and why?  

 Social engineering. It is the key that unlocks everything.  


What’s the most unusual or creative cybersecurity challenge you’ve faced, and how did you address it?  

I had to quickly discover the root cause of a security incident after multiple security professionals had investigated for days. I was able to determine the cause of the incident within a few hours. I have a talent for breaking down complex situations into smaller, simple parts. Turns out it wasn’t a threat actor, but a fancy new monitor driver was being installed that caused the TCP/IP stack to reset on machines and break trust on the PKI network.    


What are you most excited about with your new role at Edge?  

Working with and helping the team grow!  


From your perspective, what is the key to building a strong and resilient cybersecurity team?  

Ensuring that everyone has what they need to be successful, setting clear and achievable expectations, seeing people for the individuals they are, and making sure that everyone knows that when the water inevitably gets rough, you are in the boat with them and will do everything in your power to get them through it.  

Edge has a tremendous amount of potential. I really wanted to be a part of Edge after observing genuine integrity and vision from the CEO, Mark. It was further bolstered when I met other team members who are passionate about the service they deliver and supporting each other. I’m here to help guide and support the team to the next level and beyond. 


Any parting thoughts or favorite quotes that inspire your approach to cybersecurity?  

“I’ll stop being paranoid when it stops paying off.”  


Okay, what was the lie?  

I’ve only completed two 5k runs. My partner, Melissa, is the runner in the household, but I do enjoy hiking with her.   


Bonus question: What’s your cyber hot take?  

Cybersecurity in a business is only effective when strong partnerships with all senior leaders have been established and maintained.  



Michael’s creative problem-solving skills and passion for cybersecurity have already made a mark at Edge. His leadership philosophy is inclusive and supportive, ensuring each team member is equipped for success.

Mark Tishenko, the Founder and CEO of Edge Networks, shares a warm welcome to Michael on the team: 

“I’m thrilled to share some great news! We’ve recently expanded our team, and I’m particularly excited to welcome Michael as our new CISO.

Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team, especially from his deep experience in both the banking and fintech sectors. His impressive background and leadership skills are set to greatly benefit not only our team but, most importantly, our customers as well.

I personally am looking forward to closely working with Michael. Together, we’ll be committed to ensuring the highest level of security for all our stakeholders. It’s a privilege to have him on board, and I’m confident that his contributions will play a pivotal role in our ongoing growth and success.

Welcome to the team, Michael! We’re all eager to see the positive changes and advancements we will achieve with your guidance.”


We’re excited and eager to tread new paths, break barriers, and continue to enhance our clients’ business resiliency and security. Welcome to Edge, Michael! We’re so glad you’re here. 



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