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Threat Monitoring & Detection

Our threat monitoring and detection solutions offer a strategic, scalable, and expert-driven approach to help remediate your cybersecurity operations pains, particularly in addressing operational resource constraints and improving outcomes.

Don't lose data.
Don't lose customers.
Don't lose reputation.

We know navigating cyber threats is overwhelming. That's why our threat monitoring services offer vigilant protection and real-time alerts, ensuring your peace of mind while you focus on your business.

Secure your future today; let’s tackle cybersecurity together.

How it works:

1. Monitor

Continually scan network and systems for unusual activities and vulnerabilities.

2. Detect

Identifies and differentiates potential threats from normal network behavior.

3. Alert

Sends immediate notifications about detected threats for prompt response.

Stop stressing about cyber attacks and compliance standards. Start feeling safe and secure.

Comprehensive Threat Intelligence

You will have access to a broad range of threat intelligence sources, providing insights into emerging threats and vulnerabilities worldwide. We gather and contextualize intelligence to your specific industry and your company’s operational environment, enabling more targeted and effective monitoring and detection.

Advanced Technology Stack

We use every advanced technology in our arsenal, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavior analytics, to detect anomalies and potential threats early. This includes the ability to seamlessly integrate with your existing security infrastructure and tools, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the security operations.

Expert Analysis & Response

Our team of experienced cybersecurity analysts can interpret alerts, differentiate false positives from genuine threats, and provide expert advice on mitigation strategies. In addition to monitoring and detection, we offer incident response services to quickly address and mitigate any security incidents that occur.

24/7 Monitoring & Alerting

Round-the-clock monitoring to ensure that threats can be identified and addressed at any time, reducing the risk of significant impact. Immediate notification systems that alert our team to potential threats, allowing for swift action to prevent or mitigate damage.

Customizable & Scaleable Services

We always customize the service based on your specific needs, size, and risk profile, ensuring that the monitoring and detection efforts are both relevant and proportionate. Our services can scale up or down as you grow or as its security needs change, providing flexibility and cost efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance & Reporting

We guide you in completing regulatory compliance requirements relevant to your industry, reducing the risk of penalties for non-compliance. We ensure comprehensive reporting on the security posture, incidents, and trends, providing actionable insights for decision-makers and demonstrating the value of service.

Strategic Security Partnership

Our solution not only responds to active threats but also works with you to develop a more proactive and strategic approach to cybersecurity. Regular reviews and updates to the service offering, based on the evolving threat landscape and your changing needs, ensure that the cybersecurity measures remain effective over time.

Threat hunting is a cornerstone of proactive cybersecurity. It involves actively looking for signs of malicious activity within your network that have gone undetected by existing security measures.

Our SIEM platform provides the capability to meticulously investigate and address incidents, offering the enhanced visibility crucial for precise answers and steering the incident response process. It can pinpoint the IP address from which an attacker dispatches phishing emails or initiates attacks, detect surges in login failure activities, and determine the success rate of attack attempts.

Our XDR services vigilantly oversee your environment, highlighting unusual activities and halting suspicious programs. With 24/7 monitoring of logged activities, you can focus on your tasks or enjoy downtime, confident in our cybersecurity team to alert you if any issues arise.

Cloud SOAR contributes to effective risk mitigation by enabling automated and orchestrated responses to identified threats, reducing the risk of cyber incidents and data breaches.

Download our latest white paper on Vendor Impersonation Fraud

Vendor Impersonation Fraud is one of the most common scams across industries and can occur from one or multiple sources in a very sophisticated manner. If not detected, it can cost businesses severely.

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