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Incident Response Remediation

Leveraging the capabilities of incident response remediation within the NIST CSF significantly amplifies the ‘Detect’ and ‘Respond’ functions, fostering a proactive cyber environment where threats are promptly detected and met with swift response strategies to prevent escalation.

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Don't lose customers.
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Balancing people, tech, and ever-evolving threats can be intricate. Lean on our expertise: we offer tailored solutions that empower your team, leverage cutting-edge technology, and harness our specialized cybersecurity knowledge to protect your business effectively.

Elevate your cyber stance today.

How it works:

1. Detect

Rapidly spot breaches or anomalies to initiate a swift response.

2. Contain

Limit the impact by isolating threats and stopping further breaches.

3. Remediate

Address the root cause, eradicate the threat, and restore operations securely.

Stop stressing about cyber attacks and compliance standards. Start feeling safe and secure.


Our Endpoint Detection & Response tool allows us to immediately block and quarantine any high-confidence malicious programs. It also prevents tampering with backup and anti-virus/anti-malware systems. In the case of an active security incident, we’re able to network-contain infected devices to prevent further spread. We can also investigate all other devices for similar activity and files and run complex on-demand scans on devices with suspected malicious programs.

Data Breach Response

Stay on top of any suspicious data-related activity, have access to human investigators and responders, receive proactive guidance on preventing and detecting data breaches, and be connected with specialists in the event of a complex data breach.


Detect, respond to, and monitor the effectiveness of remediation via our Security Operations Center. We can alert you of any further activity for malicious endpoints and users with similar suspicious activity and pull immediate activity insights to manage or aid in the remediation process.

Download our latest white paper on Vendor Impersonation Fraud

Vendor Impersonation Fraud is one of the most common scams across industries and can occur from one or multiple sources in a very sophisticated manner. If not detected, it can cost businesses severely.

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