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Fully Integrated Managed IT Services

We take a fully integrated approach when it comes to Managed IT services. We make sure your team is taken care of on the technical side and cyber-safe along the way.

Keep your team and customers happy by ensuring your IT is always on.

Edge Networks identifies and resolves IT issues lightning-fast — often before you even know there’s a problem. Reclaiming unnecessary IT spending and eliminating surprise charges with our no-contract, flat-fee service. Eliminate IT fire drills that distract you and your team from the things you’d rather be doing.

From user experience to tech strategy — we make IT happen.

Employee On-Boarding

Success starts with bringing new employees on-board. We work with your team to ensure that new team members are well taken care of, productive, and happy from day one.

Help Desk​

If your team members encounter a technical problem, Edge Networks is on standby to quickly rectify the snags that can disrupt productivity. We pride ourselves in speaking human and ensuring your team’s happiness in every interaction.

App Support​

There are hundreds of different applications out there. Edge Networks specializes in understanding the ins and outs of all Microsoft Products and studying your specialty applications so we can assist with common problems.​

Device Management

Proactive management of your team’s computers and other devices ensures that your people have the tools they need to get the job done. Our goal is to ensure that technology doesn’t get in the way of everyone doing what they do best.​

Server Management

Application servers are at the heart of every business — from accounting platforms to ERP and beyond. Edge Networks ensures that these critical systems are properly managed and operational at 99.999% uptime.

Network Management

Networks drive collaboration, communication and interconnectivity between your team and your customers. In today’s day and age everything runs through a series of switches and routers. Whether your network spans multiple states and time zones or is a small local network, we have the experience to keep it humming.

Cloud Management

The cloud can be a mystical place. Public clouds. Private clouds. Hybrid clouds. We help you sort through the jargon to create a cloud that’s right for you, partnering with Azure and AWS to deliver best-of-breed solutions at an affordable rate.


The skills, precision, and tactics of today’s cyber-attackers are advancing at an alarming rate. As threats grow more hostile, small and midsized businesses are simply not equipped or structured to adapt to rapid threats within their enterprise environments. Edge Networks protects your business and its data.

IT Roadmapping

Make smarter technology investments today and plan for the future with Edge Networks IT road-mapping services. We guide you to IT decisions that will shape a brighter future.

Thought Leadership

Whether you have a question about an emerging technology you read about online or want to have a conversation about where technology is headed, we’re your sounding board and source of insight.

Project Management

IT projects are complex with lots of moving parts and potential pitfalls. Focus on your core business needs; let Edge orchestrate all the processes and keep your projects on schedule.

Research & Development

When you’re planning an IT project, it pays to have an experienced, unbiased partner to help you research and develop the perfect solution. Edge Networks is vendor-agnostic, which means we recommend solutions that fit your business — not ours. 

Graphic design of two users interacting with each other.

Let us handle IT

We’re the preferred partner for IT Managers.

Full Service

We are here to handle all things IT. Upgrades, updates, and new system implementations is all be covered with no additional costs.

No Long Term Contracts

No contracts! If we aren't doing our job then you shouldn't have to be on the hook. Cancel services anytime.

Strategy Over Sales

Our clients deserve clarity and stability. That's why we make thoughtful recommendations based on your situation and goals, but never upsell.

Client Stories

“We enhanced access to critical systems and leveled up cybersecurity for remote employees by engineering new, faster systems for them to use.”
Financial Service Provider (Confidential)
Travis Steele, Tech Team Lead at Edge Networks
“We followed Edge’s lead – they are terrific, and our people are happy. They know our firm and systems well and response times are very fast, which is critical for us in the financial industry.”
Riverside Risk Advisors
Joyce Frost
“Edge Networks provided a logical framework, professional feedback and managed the process to a successful conclusion. Their assistance moved us months forward on our certification and gave us confidence in our CMMC3 supplier survey.”
Zepher Inc.
Jill Nickerson
“Edge has frequently gone beyond the call of duty to meet our urgent needs when they arise. We appreciate Edge’s focus on achieving solutions, even when not specifically within a rigid scope of work at times.”
Bake Works
Zac Fitzgerald
cybersecurity at a local public institution
“Edge Networks helped secure critical systems to protect sensitive employee data and empower employees with heightened security and phishing awareness.”
Local Public Institution (Confidential)
Alexis Cozart, Cyber Analyst at Edge Networks
“We had a very holistic, person-centered partnership with Edge Networks. We see the value of what they do in the community and it was critical for us to have a partner in our local area in a space that is not in our expertise that we felt we could trust.”
Workforce Southwest Washington
Benton Waterous

Unleash your productivity

Let us handle your IT so you can focus on your business.