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Bring Your Own Device Policy Template

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Are you looking to implement a BYOD policy in your own business? We’ve created a simple template that outlines what a BYOD policy could look like.

To ensure the safety of your devices and data, some companies will need to add or remove sections to fit the needs of your business and any additional job requirements. This can be adapted to fit your needs. Download the template using the form below!

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Client Stories

“Edge Networks introduced the client to the process of cybersecurity compliance and helped them document their starting posture, providing a clear picture of strengths and gaps.”
Impact Investment Specialist Consultant (Confidential)
Alexis Cozart, Cyber Team Lead at Edge Networks
“We enhanced access to critical systems and leveled up cybersecurity for remote employees by engineering new, faster systems for them to use.”
Financial Service Provider (Confidential)
Travis Steele, Tech Team Lead at Edge Networks
“We followed Edge’s lead – they are terrific, and our people are happy. They know our firm and systems well and response times are very fast, which is critical for us in the financial industry.”
Riverside Risk Advisors
Joyce Frost
“Edge Networks provided a logical framework, professional feedback and managed the process to a successful conclusion. Their assistance moved us months forward on our certification and gave us confidence in our CMMC3 supplier survey.”
Zepher Inc.
Jill Nickerson
“Edge has frequently gone beyond the call of duty to meet our urgent needs when they arise. We appreciate Edge’s focus on achieving solutions, even when not specifically within a rigid scope of work at times.”
Bake Works
Zac Fitzgerald
cybersecurity at a local public institution
“Edge Networks helped secure critical systems to protect sensitive employee data and empower employees with heightened security and phishing awareness.”
Local Public Institution (Confidential)
Alexis Cozart, Cyber Analyst at Edge Networks

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