Bulk configure handheld scanners Intermec CK3 via CloneNGo  | Edge Networks Cybersecurity & Managed IT Services
  • Max Mikhaylenko
  • Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Easy way to bulk configure handheld scanners Intermec CK3 via CloneNGo


Josh McKinney, chief technology officer with Edge Networks with a tip of the week. What I have in my hands here is an Intermec CK3. It is a bar code scanner that one of our clients uses to scan inventory and to also process orders for customers.  One of the cool things that Edge Networks did is this device uses is what’s called cloning go on and go is an application that allows you to configure a master device thing is certain settings like wifi connectivity applications and certain other configuration settings and actually clone those settings on the device to other devices so what makes a really powerful is if you have a fleet of handheld devices that frequently get messed up miss configured etc. for you can have a master device there you simply pull a bar code upon this device scanning with the other device and it will immediately reboot and configure itself to be a clone of what this first master device was. Very powerful just one of the many ways that Edge Networks comes together to create solutions for clients that make it easy for them to do their jobs and allow him to say productive.
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