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Cybersecurity Simplified.

Our mission is to enhance our customers’ business resiliency through simplified cybersecurity.

Partnering with Edge means knowing you're taken care of.

Guidance from Experts

Navigate all things cyber confidently. Our expert guidance streamlines your cybersecurity processes, ensuring you're always a step ahead.

Enterprise-Grade Tools

Together with our technology partners, we arm your business with the best. Our collective expertise guards against even the most advanced threats, keeping your digital world protected.

Personal Service Guaranteed

No bots, no automated replies. Just real people dedicated to understanding your unique cybersecurity needs, ensuring every interaction is personal, genuine, and focused on your company's safety.

Full Service Cyber Firm

Navigating multiple teams is a hassle. That’s why when you partner with us, you get the expertise of not just our cyber team but our IT team, too. We’re in this for the long haul, not for quick sales. Your goals are our goals, and we believe in building lasting cybersecurity programs.  

Managed Services

Leave the heavy lifting to us. With our managed services, you gain constant vigilance without the day-to-day hassles. Our team of experts works around the clock, ensuring threats are detected and neutralized before they reach you. The result? Enhanced security, reduced costs, and peace of mind knowing your digital landscape is in experienced hands. Partner with us and focus on what you do best while we handle the rest.

Professional Services

Every challenge is unique. That’s why we offer tailor-made solutions for your specific cybersecurity concerns. Whether it’s a comprehensive penetration test, a vulnerability assessment, or a custom security strategy, our team dives deep to ensure you’re protected against every possible threat. Get pinpoint precision and expert analysis, all tailored to your unique requirements.

All Things IT

Behind every strong cybersecurity defense is a robust IT infrastructure. Our services don’t just ensure seamless operations; they lay the groundwork for top-tier cyber protection. From network management to software solutions, we provide the IT products and services that are the backbone of your cybersecurity strategy. Trust in our expertise to integrate, maintain, and defend so you get the best of both worlds: solid IT foundations intertwined with unmatched cyber resilience.

Client Stories

“Edge Networks introduced the client to the process of cybersecurity compliance and helped them document their starting posture, providing a clear picture of strengths and gaps.”
Impact Investment Specialist Consultant (Confidential)
Alexis Cozart, Cyber Team Lead at Edge Networks
“We enhanced access to critical systems and leveled up cybersecurity for remote employees by engineering new, faster systems for them to use.”
Financial Service Provider (Confidential)
Travis Steele, Tech Team Lead at Edge Networks
“We followed Edge’s lead – they are terrific, and our people are happy. They know our firm and systems well and response times are very fast, which is critical for us in the financial industry.”
Riverside Risk Advisors
Joyce Frost
“Edge Networks provided a logical framework, professional feedback and managed the process to a successful conclusion. Their assistance moved us months forward on our certification and gave us confidence in our CMMC3 supplier survey.”
Zepher Inc.
Jill Nickerson
“Edge has frequently gone beyond the call of duty to meet our urgent needs when they arise. We appreciate Edge’s focus on achieving solutions, even when not specifically within a rigid scope of work at times.”
Bake Works
Zac Fitzgerald
cybersecurity at a local public institution
“Edge Networks helped secure critical systems to protect sensitive employee data and empower employees with heightened security and phishing awareness.”
Local Public Institution (Confidential)
Alexis Cozart, Cyber Analyst at Edge Networks

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