Tech Tip. Setting Password Policies | Edge Networks Cybersecurity & Managed IT Services
  • Max Mikhaylenko
  • Monday, September 25, 2017

Setting password policies for your business

Having a strong password policy in your organization is critical to your companies overall security mission.
It’s vital that these policies specify that passwords must meet at least three of the four known complexity requirements — uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and nonalphanumeric characters. Like a # sign or ! Point.
You want a strong password so that it’s more resistant to guessing and is unlikely to be found by using a brute force dictionary hack. That’s when bad guys use automated software to submit hundreds of guesses per minute to try and break into your accounts.
Passwords like, Password, or letmein or opensesame or 1234 are really bad passwords that should never be used. Those are really easy to guess.
If you have a password that’s easy to remember for you, like jellyfish, consider changing some of the characters in that password to make it more complex and less likely to be guessed. Use a capital J, place some random numbers in the middle of it, change the S to a dollar sign. Place an exclamation point at the beginning or end. Or try using a non complete English word pattern like placing periods between the letters or numbers.