Identify Risk
Vulnerability Assessments: In the ever-changing digital landscape we work with you to identify all externally facing assets and scan them for vulnerabilities – outdated software versions, missing patches, open ports, and Operating System services. We will analyze and deliver deliver detailed report with a plan to address issues.
Cybersecurity Risk Assessments: Our team will review your entire IT infrastructure aligning with the NIST Security Framework, ensuring your business adheres to security standards used by the US Government. We will identify controls that can reduces risk and a plan to ensure that the security of your corporate network is as strong as possible.
Improve Data Governance
At Edge, we don’t just identify problems, we fix them.  We come alongside to build a security protocol for your company that meets the strictest security and compliance standards.
Devices: Next generation anti-malware, patching, encryption, and mobile device management.
Identity & Network: Single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, next generation firewall management, IP and domain reputation management, and monitoring and alerting.
Messaging: Email protection with email continuity, archiving and recovery
Meet Compliance Requirements
Your security and compliance requirements are as unique as your business. Our experts will work with you to figure out exactly what you need: HIPAA or PCI compliance, adherence to the HITRUST framework, or a plan to improve the security of your most important business data.

Your data is treated as if it was our own. Information security is integrated into everything we do.

Information security is at our core. Every one of our services is designed with security in mind. While we have the breadth and expertise to incorporate security into everything that we do, we know our clients frequently do not. That is why we leverage our expertise and our approach to deliver the utmost security and stability. 

Make no compromise. 

Securing and protecting data requires more than just wits. It requires a deep knowledge of the threat ecosystem, the expertise to counter that threat, and a level of physical and digital control of software and hardware. We designed our data centers  to protect data at the highest level and ensure the availability of IT assets.

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