How your employees can protect your business from cyber attacks | Edge Networks Cybersecurity & Managed IT Services
  • Max Mikhaylenko
  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How your employees can protect your business from cyber attacks

In today’s world of the ever-evolving and organically growing internet, it’s more important than ever to practice sound security practices to ensure that employees compute securely and safely. There have been many recent examples of security being compromised at various sized companies and that breach being attributed to an employee’s lapse in security readiness or knowledge.

As an employer today, arming your employees with knowledge is the key. In this blog post, we discuss the best ways to ensure that you keep your company and its data and assets, safe from harm.

Understand the evolving risks in the wild and how to respond to them

Current threats are pervasive and ever changing. Having software on your endpoint computers and mobile devices that watch for threats, new and old, are key to ensuring that your data is safe and your end-users are not compromised. Next-Generation Anti-Malware watches for the threats that are new and never seen (zero-day attacks). The software watches for behavior and characteristics that indicate compromise that the traditional Anti-Virus products cannot detect.


Keep your software up to date

Never delay updating your anti-virus software or other security applications. Automated anti-virus and anti-malware updates and management is imperative to ensuring you are safe. Up to date software will help you guard against the latest threats and keep your infrastructure secure.


Have an incident response plan and practice it

Having a plan of action for responding to a cyber security incident is critical in any size of an enterprise. Your companies plan should be practiced so that all your employees know exactly what to do in the event of a breach of security. You should have the personnel and expertise on hand to ensure you respond promptly and efficiently.


Develop a security policy that is ingrained into corporate culture

Defining security via programs process is critical. And that must roll down to the employee level. After all, your employees are the first line of defense of your company’s critical information. Educate your employees about the ways in which attackers can penetrate your company’s security technology. Make sure they use complex, unique passwords and that they ensure that company data is stored in a secure and encrypted manner always, at rest and when in transit, sending to other employees or outside entities.