High Speed Business Internet Service in Portland OR

Do More with super fast internet
Unlock more possibilities for your business

Remote work in the cloud was never such a breeze

Higher quality connection

Les hops .. less latency means more stability

No more waiting game

It’s as if the entire internet is inside of your computer.   Seriously fast speeds allow things that weren’t possible before.

Plans as low as $199/mo

  • Up to 1,000 Mbps upload and download speeds
  • Backup 100 GB of data in about 2 minutes
  • No data caps
  • Network Box included, with high-performance Wi-Fi, Gigabit routing and firewall protection
  • Add up to 13 static IPs at an additional cost


Address: 921 SW Washington St #318 Portland, OR 97205

Phone number: 503-334-0551

Email: info@www.edgenetworks.us


Address: 317 Columbia St Vancouver, WA 98660

Phone number: 360-450-0033

Email: info@www.edgenetworks.us