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Cybersecurity Testing & Assessments

Be proactive and uncover your cybersecurity gaps.

Cybersecurity Compliance Requirements

Compliance requirements play a vital role in ensuring the security and integrity of your business’s digital infrastructure. We understand that each business and industry has unique compliance needs, so we offer tailored audits designed to meet your requirements.

Our team of cybersecurity experts is well-versed in the intricacies of compliance frameworks such as HIPAA, PCI, and HITRUST, and we conduct comprehensive reviews to identify any gaps or areas for improvement.

Our commitment doesn’t end there – we provide ongoing support and guidance to help you maintain compliance, keeping your data and systems secure in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is an essential component of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. We conduct realistic and targeted attacks to evaluate your organization’s cybersecurity posture. Our skilled professionals use advanced techniques to exploit vulnerabilities in your systems and infrastructure, simulating real-world scenarios. This thorough assessment enables us to identify potential weak points and security gaps that malicious actors could exploit.

After the testing phase, we provide you with a detailed report and a comprehensive presentation of our findings. Our reports outline the vulnerabilities discovered, their potential impact on your organization, and recommendations for remediation.

We also offer guidance and prioritize the items that need immediate attention, helping you allocate your resources efficiently.

Vulnerability Assessment

We offer comprehensive assessments examining your system to identify its weakest points. Our team of experts conducts a meticulous review of your hardware, software, and network configurations, employing industry-leading tools and techniques. We also audit your software versions and security patches to ensure your systems are up-to-date and protected against known vulnerabilities.

Following the assessment, we provide a detailed report highlighting the vulnerabilities discovered, their potential impact, and recommended remediation steps. Our report includes clear and actionable recommendations to address the identified weaknesses, allowing you to prioritize your efforts and allocate resources effectively.

We work closely with your team to develop a tailored remediation plan that aligns with your business objectives and ensures the security of your IT infrastructure.

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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

We conduct a detailed review of your entire infrastructure, aligning with industry standards such as the NIST Security Framework and IT security best practices.

We examine your systems, networks, and processes to identify potential vulnerabilities and assess the overall risk landscape by evaluating your organization’s current cybersecurity controls, policies, and procedures.

We consider your business objectives, budget, and resources to provide practical and actionable guidance. Based on our findings, we provide tailored recommendations for enhancing your cybersecurity posture.

Why are Testing & Assessments Critical for Cybersecurity?

Empower Your Team

Strengthen your human firewall by providing employees with the necessary knowledge and tools to identify and prevent cyber threats. Our expert-led training programs and resources help cultivate a culture of security awareness and vigilance within your organization.

Discover Your Security Potential

Our in-depth business cybersecurity assessment evaluates your organization's digital strengths and vulnerabilities, providing valuable insights that serve as the foundation for a robust, customized cybersecurity plan.

Stay Ahead of the Threats

Continuously monitor, adapt, and improve your cybersecurity posture with the help of our cutting-edge tools and ongoing expert support. We'll work hand-in-hand with you to ensure your defenses remain strong and resilient against ever-evolving cyber threats.

The Edge Networks Process

Edge Networks deploys the systems, processes, and protocols your business needs to stay vigilant and protected.  

Kick Off
  • Meet the teams
  • Discuss key objectives
  • Assign key stakeholders
Data Collection
  • Collect existing documentation
  • Interview department leaders
  • Capture current
Data Review
  • Review collected data
  • Request clarification from leaders
  • Map and business processes & procedures
IT Assessments
  • Perform IT system audit
  • Perform baseline vulnerability assessment
  • Identify IT gaps
Data Presentation
  • Present findings
  • Present recommendations
  • Review with the client

Cybersecurity Testing & Assessments FAQs

Cybersecurity testing and assessments evaluate an organization’s information systems and digital assets to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that cyber threats could exploit. It includes a variety of testing methods, such as penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and risk assessments.

Testing and assessment are important because it helps organizations identify and address vulnerabilities and weaknesses in their information systems and digital assets before cyber threats can exploit them. Organizations can ensure that their cybersecurity measures are effective and up-to-date by conducting regular testing and assessments.

Cybersecurity testing and assessment benefits include identifying and addressing vulnerabilities and weaknesses in information systems and digital assets, reducing the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards, improving overall cybersecurity posture, and maintaining customer trust and confidence in the organization’s security measures.

Vulnerability testing primarily focuses on identifying vulnerabilities through scanning and assessment, while penetration testing involves actively exploiting those vulnerabilities to assess the system’s security defenses and response capabilities. Both testing methods are crucial for maintaining a robust security posture.

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Client Stories

“We had a very holistic, person-centered partnership with Edge Networks. We see the value of what they do in the community and it was critical for us to have a partner in our local area in a space that is not in our expertise that we felt we could trust.”
Workforce Southwest Washington
Benton Waterous
“Edge Networks provided a logical framework, professional feedback and managed the process to a successful conclusion. Their assistance moved us months forward on our certification and gave us confidence in our CMMC3 supplier survey.”
Zepher Inc.
Jill Nickerson
“I don’t believe some of the bigger providers know what customer service means, but with Edge, it’s one of the absolute strong points. I have one phone call and you can’t beat it when you know who’s on the other side of the phone.”
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Brett Fisher
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“Edge goes above and beyond what our expectations were, and that takes the burden off myself and our other resources.”
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Jason Stratton

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