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Cybersecurity Consulting Services


Know Your Risks

Vulnerability Assessments: We’ll perform a comprehensive assessment to help you identify your IT infrastructure’s weakest points. Are you running any outdated software? Have all updates and patches been applied? Are your services correctly configured? Are there open ports? We’ll conduct an analysis, deliver a detailed report, and then work with you to create a remediation plan.
Cybersecurity Risk Assessments: We’ll conduct a detailed, thorough and careful review of your entire infrastructure to ensure it adheres to the NIST Security Framework. These are IT security best-practice standards developed by the U.S. government to reduce risks. Then we’ll create a robust plan to ensure that your business can prevent, detect, and respond to attacks successfully.

Boost Your Resilience

We can help you choose security technologies that will meet your business needs and fit your budget. We’ll build a full-scale security platform for your company to reduce risks and ensure you meet compliance requirements.
Tools: next generation anti-malware protection, patch management and encryption for data at rest and in transit
Identity & Network: single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, next generation firewall management, IP and domain reputation management, mobile device management, and network monitoring and alerting
Messaging: email protection with email continuity, archiving, and recovery

Keep Up with Compliance Requirements

Which compliance requirements you must meet depends on your individual business and industry. Here at Edge, we’ll work with you to make sure you have everything you need to remain compliant. Whether you need to adhere to HIPAA, PCI or the HITRUST framework, we’ll help you reduce risks and keep your data secure.

Fast Facts

Cyber crime targets everyone, from consumers to giant corporations like Facebook and Amazon. Small businesses are becoming increasingly popular targets as criminals look for organizations that are less likely to have strong security controls in place. If your business isn’t making IT security a priority, you could be putting yourself at risk.


On average, it takes 196.7 days to identify that a data breach has occurred.

Privilege misuse

Credential theft (stolen passwords) is the most common method criminals make use of for gaining access to the networks where data breaches occur. It’s employed in 22% of breaches.

High Topic Subject

61% of business leaders say improving their ability to keep up with the sophistication and stealth of cybercriminals is a top priority for the coming year.

Lack of Skills

59% of organizations believe themselves to be at extreme or moderate risk due to a lack of skilled cybersecurity staff.

Our services are engineered with security in mind.

We keep security front-and-center in every managed IT services project we take on. That’s how it needs to be. We have broad and deep experience in IT security, and we understand that it has to be part of every aspect of information technology management. It’s not optional, and add-on, or an extra. 

Don’t risk your business’s future


Experiencing a data breach can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions. Smaller organizations often don’t have the resources they’d need to survive that. Don’t let this kind of devastation happen to you. Here at Edge Networks, we have deep expertise in designing robust and resilient systems, and helping our clients keep them running that way.

Service Options

Managed SIEM 

  • Security Monitoring (EndPoint/Network)
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Cyber Threat Analytics
  • Threat Reporting
  • vSOC (24/7/365 Security Operations)


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Security +

  • Managed SIEM +
  • Core/Edge Security
  • Full vSOC Support
  • Managed EndPoint Security
  • Detection, Response, and Remediation
  • vCISO


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Professional Services

  • Security Centric Network Architecture, Engineering
  • Cyber Security Incident Response
  • Digital Forensics / Investigations
  • Enterprise Security Consulting
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance / PCI-DSS
  • Security Audit / Risk Assessment


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