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Covid-19 work from home IT checklist

During this difficult time, we need to be more vigilant about our work from home practices. Edge Networks compiled a checklist to help ease the burden of making sure that your work from home operations are productive and secure.

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COVID-19 Work From Home How-To Resources

Below are a few resources to help you get your remote team set up with some of our cybersecurity best practices.

7 Ways to Improve your Cybersecurity with tools that you already own

Microsoft 365 already comes with a comprehensive toolset to improve you cybersecurity. This video will walk you though the 7 ways that you can improve your security and keep your remote team safe and secure.

  1. Check your Secure Score
  2. Set up multi-factor authentication
  3. Use the built-in mobile devices management
  4. Setup a separate account for administrative tasks
  5. Block malicious file types
  6. Store files in One-Drive for Business
  7. Stop e-mail auto-forwarding
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Setup Microsoft 365 with Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication means you and your employees must provide more than one way to sign in to Microsoft 365. Usually a text or call to your phone. This is one of the easiest ways to increase security for your business.

To get started, go to the admin center at

  1. Select Users, Active users.
  2. Choose More, and then, Multifactor Authentication setup.
  3. Select one or more users, then Enable.
  4. Select enable multi-factor auth.
  5. Next time the selected employees sign in, they’ll be asked to provide a second form of authentication.

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