Cost-effective, reliable, and able to grow with your business.

Cloud Services, Managed to Meet Your Business Needs

Cloud Management Services

Migrate to the cloud and simplify your workflow

Edge’s cloud-based services can make your team more efficient and productive. Why waste money on quickly depreciating hardware when you can enjoy access to your data and applications whenever and wherever you need it? Moving to cloud-based email and document sharing improves collaboration and your ability to do business on the go.

  • Public Cloud

    We manage cloud servers in AWS® (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure®. Or you can choose the EDGE cloud to host your resources. Public cloud options are cost-effective and flexible, allowing you to pay only for the resources that you use, only as often as you use them. We can guide you through the migration process and help you select the right services for your business needs.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Many business want to enjoy the benefits of the public cloud without moving all their workloads there. Or they want to retain an on-premises data center while moving some services to the cloud. Choose a hybrid cloud solution to take advantage of a mix of on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud computing environments. We can help you select readily-integrated platforms to maximize performance and affordability.

  • Backup and Recovery Solutions

    Without a robust and redundant backup solution in place, a cyber attack or natural disaster could cost you your business. We can help you choose an affordable solution, and find the backup frequency and recovery speed that best meet your needs. Edge Networks will also test your system to ensure that it’ll work as it should when needed.

The Edge Cloud was engineered for business.

We’ve been helping businesses manage cloud migration projects for over a decade. We know how to accomplish this complex task with minimal disruptions to your productivity, and maximum return on your investment in the new solution.

Our data centers are secure, reliable, and fault-tolerant.

Our state-of-the-art facility is located near our central offices, so you know exactly where your valuable information assets reside. It offers multiple layers of physical security and redundant power and cooling supplies. You can rest assured that your data will be safe here.

Want to learn more about what the cloud can offer your business? We offer free assessments to help you determine which solutions will be the best fit for you.