The 3 Most Important Things You Can Do to Prevent Office 365 Breaches

The effects of a Microsoft Office 365 security breach can be devastating. But the cloud solution’s hardened-security features can keep your data even safer than storing it on-premise. In fact, the vast majority of Office 365 breaches occur not because of vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office 365’s physical and network infrastructure but because users or administrators have not configured the system properly. Learn three simple configurations from Edge Networks’ CIO Josh McKinney that you can make to reduce your company’s cybersecurity risks.

Password on note

Boosting Productivity and Security with Single Sign-On Authentication

Single sign-on is a practical and convenient feature you can add to web and mobile applications to save users time and reduce the hassle of repeatedly resetting forgotten passwords. SSO is designed for security and has numerous benefits for businesses. However, choosing the right SSO provider is critical. In this video, Edge Networks CIO Josh McKinney walks you through the basics of SSO and what you need to be aware of before choosing a solution.