Know what’s truly going on on your network. Gain peace of mind from a technology and security perspective with our free no obligation assessment. 

Penetration testing

Vulnerability Scans

Social Engineering

Technology Assessment

Edge Networks goes will go beyond network discovery and documentation to provide knowledge that will help you protect and run your business. Our process involves several methods that detect issues, measure risk and provide intelligence that allows you to gain insight into your company’s risk and how to mitigate those risks by recommending fixes for the critical issues found.

Security Assessment


Edge Networks security assessment process includes a comprehensive security assessment of your company’s IT assets. Our team will evaluate your current controls and benchmark them against industry best practices as well as our expert engineer’s experience managing large and small company networks. 

With a better understanding of how you manage risk relative to best practices and your risk appetite, you can optimize your security investments more effectively. In addition, Edge Network’s security auditing component can help to ensure compliance with regulatory frameworks and technical safeguards, and reveal where essential information like credit card data or protected Personally Identifiable Information (PII) could be at risk.

IT Policy Process and Procedures

Information technology Policy, Process, and Procedures are the core to any comprehensive IT and security plan. Having the process and procedures in place to address issues like employee turnover, asset management and security policy of endpoint devices is critical to ensuring you are prepared in the event of a security or IT related issue at your business.


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